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Infection prevention

Covid has brought to light many infection prevention policies in Massage Therapy.

  • The Client is requested to wear a mask in the building, during the interview and during the parts of the massage where Therapist and client are face to face. 

  • The Therapist will wear a mask during the whole treatment, as well as during pre and post conversation.

  • The client is required to respond to a symptoms form before each treatment/before entering the building.

  • Each Therapist will take a full 30 minutes between each appointment to thoroughly clean and sanitize the treatment room and equipment.

  • Heating pads will not be used as they are difficult to sanitize. (We are looking into cost effective ways to add heat)

  • There is no waiting room. Clients are to arrive at the time of their appointment, communicate their presence and wait for Therapist to let them into the building.

  • Cancelation policies are not void if client refuses the above policies. 

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