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What to expect at
your appointment 

To Get into the Building please Text your Provider at the number given in the email.


When you first Arrive:

Upon arrival please send a message via text to your provider for entry into the building.

Once you have been let in please remove your footwear and hang your coat.

Your Therapist will bring you to the treatment room and give you a health history form to fill out. Once the form is filled out your therapist will go over it and discuss your expectations and needs. After this the Therapist will go over informed consent and the position in which you will start your treatment.

If a physical assessment is required your therapist will discuss this and preform this prior to treatment.

During Treatment:

During treatment the only areas your therapist will address, are the ones discussed prior to the start of treatment. Any area not being treated will remain under the sheets. Pressure is an ongoing discussion to be had with your therapist during treatment.

After treatment :

Post treatment your therapist will discuss any areas/issues that stood out, exercises you may need to aid in healing/maintaining as well as where to go from this treatment. i.e. treatment plans, post treatment expectations.

Payment and insurance receipt will be exchanged post treatment in the treatment room.

At home post treatment:

It is normal to have muscular discomfort after a treatment. This discomfort will set in either right after treatment or up to 2 days post. This post discomfort should only last 48 hours from onset and be a different "pain"/ discomfort than before your treatment. We call this muscular discomfort  DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness.

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